We will offer visitors letter delivery to the future services for free, based on the tickets. After writing with our letter paper and envelop, you will get a receipt card matching the letter’s information. We will archive the letter and send it out when the scheduled delivery day comes. If you do not receive the letter within the expected time, you can contact us with the receipt card.
It is for our staffs. It will have die cut marks on the side.
VIP systems
The VIPs will have unlimited free general admission to museum, and will have discount in the museum store. There are three kinds of VIPs with specific benefits. The pink card represents VVIP, which would have the highest access for individuals and can enter our exhibition with an adult for free. The blue card is for families, which would include 2 adults and 2 children. The grey card is for general individuals. The silicon bands match with the VIP levels. Our VIPs could show their bands to skip the lines and get some other convenience in the museum.
The bags for the museum gift store.
Concept board Exhibition year 1
chinese shadow play theater
Shadow Puppets is a kind of folk drama that uses animal skins or cardboard silhouettes to perform stories. During the performance, the artists were behind the white curtain, manipulating the filmmakers and telling the story with popular local tunes. According to historical records, shadow play began in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. While introducing the history of shadow puppets, we will invite shadow puppet artists to perform for our guests.
Tea art sprouted in Tang. At first it was the monks who used tea to concentrate their thoughts. In the Tang Dynasty, the Zen master from Zhaozhou used to “eat tea” to attract scholars; later it became a tea-sharing ceremony. In the Tang Dynasty, tea was made with ginger salt and it was called ginger salt tea in the world. We will have a dedicated tea artist to demonstrate the tea making process of the Tang Dynasty for our guests.
concept posters
swing hammock
Visitors can enjoy the movement of the swing on their own or with their family and friends. The installation is intended to let the visitors relax and feel the present.
Many parents may think that the bubble sea is just a place for children to entertain. We hope that it can increase the chances and time to get along with your children by immersing yourselves in the world of bubbles. And while being with the children, it can also make adults temporarily forget the fatigue of work.
Children are enjoying their childhood, and adults are also looking for lost childhood through this sea. This is not just a sea of ocean balls, but also a sea of joy.
Visitors can enjoy the movement of the swing on their own or with their family and friends. The installation is intended to let the visitors relax and feel the present.
concept posters
For better experiences, all museum staffs will dressed up in the costumes of the characters of Tron Legacy.
Vehicle Exhibition
There would be an exhibition for the concept model cars in the future.
Light cycle is one of the most important elements in Tron Legacy. This installation will give the visitors the most real experiences of the light cycle in the real world.

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